Stained glass Studio


Discovery    (10h)

Construction of a stained glass to leadmodel imposed approximately 25x25cm in 2 afternoon of 5:00h.

300 Euros 1 pers.

450 Euros 2 pers.

Study of the stained glass.

Handing-over of the booklet. Presentation of the construction of a stained glass.du livret. 


Design of the gauges.

Drawing according to a choice of models. Layout and carryforward on rigid canson. Colour application and choice of glasses. Cutting of the layout to the scissors doubles blade.


Work on glass.
From the gauges, cuts glasses.Assembly and assembly with the lead of the parts.Checking of the assembly. Welding.


Final assessment

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In order to bring a quality in the internship discovered, I can accommodate only one to 2 trainees per session.
The dates and the schedules are flexible with the liking of the trainee.
The tools are lent and all the supplies are included in the price
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