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This subject on the movement and the city evokes, for me, the necessary urban transformation, by a true Harmonic change which must put in perspective the Man in the City.


A city corresponding to its inhabitants, their needs. That passes by the technical improvement of their living environment, the architecture of the frame, the means of communication, the resolution of the problems of the difficult districts.


By the creation of a center which radiates on its districts, in the manner of a place of village from which very orders oneself and organizes itself. Each district which is part of a whole: the City.



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" La Cité "  


This project was presented within the framework of May of the Artists 2012 of the Town of Argenteuil, on the topic “the Movement and the City”. It was retained and it profited from a help to creation.à la création.

That also passes by the means which make it possible to level the social difficulties and economic its inhabitants. Argenteuil is a city which has an at the same time cultural and social important diversity and, within sight of its differences must exploit the wealth of it. City where one will turn to the other as a combatant inclinations of Community fold, of ghettoisation, by the application of a global project or each one will have to find its niche.


The development, not only social, but so cultural and artistic, gives a major direction and an additional dimension to the simple membership of a territory. Moreover, to register the Man in the city, it is also to arrange architectural space so that its body is integrated into it. A reflection on the behavior of the man, will impose, in the construction industry, the balance necessary of volumes, their dimensions and proportions. What leads us to establish a grid of Juste Mesure. Measurement which would be based on the “Golden section”, which is neither a measurement, nor a dimension but which indicates an arithmetic and geometrical relationship #1.618# between two sizes. Measurement what employs still today, to build, in particular master carpenter.


One finds this report in the man like in the vegetable world and animal. It is around this reflection and of the essential notion of the harmony that my work of creation was articulated of which you will find the detail in the following pages. The dimension of work is calculated starting from the golden section, indeed for a height of 2.51m, the length is of 4.06m #2.51 X 1.618# in order to pose Balance and the Harmony like principle founder of this sculpture stained glass.


The idea which animates work leaves the report which the city is not any more at the level of the man, creative of anguish and evil food, must disappear. It is by the symbolism of the drawings children that this need for revival is expressed. It is them, by their proximity of the state of nature which can help us to find the keys of this transformation. The topic of the sun and star in the panel the SUN, is there to point out to us the rules of balance and harmony which must govern the reconstruction. The screen inserted in this panel, will diffuse a video carried out starting from testimonies of children of the schools of Argenteuil.


From the design of their “ideal city” and starting from their drawings. But also with testimonies of old Argenteuillais, on the history of their city, his evolution and also with old photographs. The panel NATURE expresses the return necessary on the principles and the laws of natural harmony symbolized here by the vegetable wall and the water wall, which connect the man to the nature, of which he often forgets that he of it is resulting. The final panel expresses the resolution of the problem: to create a city corresponding to the Man who places this one in the center of this city. A city with the image of the Man, who answers his needs and his aspirations.

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