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« …A glass artist of the Museum of the stained glass preceded with the art exhibition of autumn of Paris, Serge Elphège obtained the price of the Living room of Autumn 2015 of Paris in environmental the Art category for the Key of the Songs. Glass artist of Argenteuil,


Serge Elphège works with the Museum of the stained glass since 2013: exposing artist, artist in residence with the creation of the sculpture Mélusine stained glass and intervening for the internships stained glass adults. The Key of the Songs, works sound, was exposed to the Museum of the stained glass in 2013 in the Temporary exhibition, Art Déco, the Mad years, then, lent by the artist, work remained during two years at the House of Tourism of Lusignan.


Lately, it had returned to the Workshop of the Museum where from now on of the artist contemporary glass-makers their works within the framework of Comtemp' exhibition present. Exposed to the Living room of Autumn from October 15th to October 18th, the stained glass is preceded and it will be presented by the artist on December 3rd to the Evening of the handing-over of the prices in Paris. Living room of the Contemporary arts since 1903, the Living room of Autumn take part in all the major artistic currents of the 20th century by accommodating the great names of the modern painting of Picasso, Cézanne or Matisse via the School of Paris; and of the sculpture with Camille Claudel, Rodin, Duchamp-Villon.


Today, the Living room of Autumn continues its mission of joining together what current creation has of more dynamic and promising. This price obtained by Serge Elphège is not only one grateful for the profession but also for the stained glass. Seldom this artistic category was represented and rewarded with the Living room for Autumn.


The stained glass is thus recognized like a true field of artistic creation to equal of painting and sculpture. Each year, the Museum of the stained glass accommodates and exposes promising contemporary glass artists. It supports also the meeting of these artists with the public through residences, internships and the event-driven ones.


Next the appointment with the Workshop will be, moreover, in 2016 with the European #Journées JEMA of the Trades of Art# April 01st, 02nd and 03rd in the presence of the preceded artist. Serge Elphège exposes until November 30th, 2015 with Isabelle Flores de Fontainebleau to the Workshop of the Museum and it animates adult internships all the year…






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