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Serge Elphège, excite the light


Serge Elphège Serge Elphège mixes the contemporary art with the inheritance of decorative arts to revisit a luxurious technique of past: the stained-glass window.


"My raw material is above all the light about which I dream to master and to excite".


The artist plays combinations and infinite resources offered by this material of the transparency which reflects the light, natural or artificial sources. He qualifies moreover his artwork of " sculptures light. "


The light as the material are sculptured to bring to the foreground unusual forms, objects in movement.


He destroys the sacred aura of the stained-glass window and opens sound fields of experiment by transposing it on multiple supports, objects of the current life which he likes to divert; furniture, mirror, folding screen, lamp, suspension … "It was for me a question of creating a new style of stained-glass window, more contemporary, and closer to the generous and sensual glass sculpture: of the majestic totem who amounts to the lamp triangle attractive which settles."


Serge Elphège brings a quite particular care retail and juggles with techniques.


His process presents a learned fusion between past and the modernity. Having been worked for a long time on the sketch on the basis of the golden ratio, slightly acid and transparent glasses, married to objects of today, and integral sometimes the extravagance of multimedia tools, are assembled with the former technique of the assembly in the lead.


The mass of the object and the geometrical frame of glass plates are put in tension.


A game of reflections between the mineral and organic forms which make up the motive with abstract dominant, comes from then on to be added.


"The abstraction favorites more the imagination and the freedom. His meaning forms invite to cause a meeting and to hear a more poetic music of the stained-glass window."


The no representation, the interlacing of the motives, the employment of powerful colors, as the red or the blue and their treatment in wide surfaces, participates in search of certain lyric. This one involves an emotional impact on the spectator and created a new spiritual atmosphere.


" It is a fascinating domain of artistic creation and it can, too, be expanding of messages other than religious. "

Serge Elphège also marks his imprint by paying a particular attention at the moment. This delicate esthetics imbricates short-lived fragments of apprehension, the time of moment, magic, there even where the light is reflected through the stained-glass window and will be reflected maybe unrivalled.


The artist gives to the light a new dimension and transforms the space. By this smart game, basic colors get involved in the complementary and finish upsetting the set to aim towards effects of irreality.

This bright captation, its unpredictability, as the distribution of colors, generate a balance always alive. Every room is lived of its more subdued or clean, made opaque life.


His compositions are thought as of real glass puzzles. Slices of life, in a way, recomposed ceaselessly, and envisaged every time in a modified state.


The artist brings unquestionably a new breath to the art of stained-glass window making. He envisages him hybrid and underlines his malleability and by restoring him a transparency and a singular thickness.


Canoline Critiks.

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